Cast iron skillet

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There’s a mysterious, myth-packed lore when it comes to cast iron pans. On the one hand there’s the folks who claim you’ve got to treat your . This skillet is a kitchen’s most essential item.

The even heating of cast iron is necessary for golden, tender, . Cast iron cookware has excellent heat retention properties, and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. In recent years, I fell in love with my cast iron skillet. It’s the perfect vessel to cook up a great pork chop, . If we coul we’d shout it from the mountain tops: We love cooking with cast iron.

They’re durable, efficient, endlessly useful, and make a pretty . The Lodge inch skillet will be your go-to skillet for years to come, and now.

The following use and care instructions for Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron will help . As the only full line of American-made cast iron cookware, Lodge boasts quality that has been unmatched for over a century. We are proud to carry on the legacy started by our great-grandfather, Joseph Lodge, as the sole American manufacturer of cast iron cookware with the Lodge . Traditional cast-iron skillets don’t emerge from the box with a nonstick surface. That comes with seasoning, or coating the skillet with cooking oil and baking it in .