Sakai takayuki

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View All; Sakai Takayuki Layer Damascus; Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef; Sakai Takayuki Layer Damascus; Sakai Takayuki . Takayuki Knives has been cultivated through a long 600-year history. Well known throughout the nation, Takayuki knives are created by the assured skill. SAKAI KNIFE PRODUCTS: These knives are different from stainless steel ones. Sakai Takayuki, Hon-Kasumi Finish Sashimi Knife, 300mm White Steel: JP¥ . Retrouvez toute la qualité et l’artisanat Japonais dans les couteaux Sakai Takayuki. Tous les couteaux sont fabriqués à la main avec beaucoup de soins et en . Sakai Takayuki has a long 600-year history in Sakai as the Excellent Professional Chef Knife Brand.

Made in Japan, Top-Quality and Best choice for GIFT! A demonstration and testimonial from Japan’s famous knife makers at Sakai. Couteau d’office Sakai Takayuki Iwai Lame forgée de 1mm en acier Blue Paper Steel N°2. Well, the wife got me the Sakai Takayuki Nakiri.

I’ve seen a few posts saying it’s not a great knife. I’ll admit, it has a few minor FF issues.