Cocktail jars

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Mason Jars are being re-purposed for anything from cocktails to spice racks. Find the tastiest and most eye-catching mason jar cocktails right . Want to make things a little more simple for your guests?

Try mixing up cocktails in advance and storing them in Mason or canning jars. Mix up some mason jar fun with these must-try mason jar cocktails! X CLEAR RETRO MASON JAM JARS DRINKING BAR COCKTAIL MAKER JAR HANDLE NEW. JARS, STRAWS AND LIDS – HIGHEST QUALITY- . So freaking cute – you just have to see them! Wrap up a mason jar drinking mug, soda and a mini bottle of alcohol for a darling DIY cocktail gift!

Wide range of glass jam jars with handles, Mason jar drinking lids and straw lids.

Buy from our fantastic range of Cocktail Glasses online – all delivered direct to your door! The classic ball Jar has been turned into a cocktail shaker. Jar and a piece stainless steel strainer li .